Getting Started

Can we always access our data?

Yes, the data from ATL HR can always be accessed using the webpage.

Are the Payslips and tax cards password protected?

Yes, the Payslips and Taxcards will be password protected if it is enabled in the Settings.

How to enable the password protection for the Taxcard and Payslips?

To enable the password protection:

  • Navigate to Company Dashboard >Settings>Other Settings.

In the following question:

“Does your company require an owner password for all taxcards and payslips?”

  • Click “Yes” for a common password in all the Payslips and Taxcards
  • Click “No” for if password is not required.

In the following question:

“Do you want to password protect tax cards and payslips for your Employees?”

  • Click “Yes” to password protect all the Payslips and Taxcards
  • Select Password type for all the Taxcards and Payslips.

Please note that the password for Payslip and Taxcard for each employee can be unique to the information entered into the system of ATL HR during their profile creation.

  • Click “No” for if password is not required for the Taxcards and Payslips.

Can multiple users operate on ATL HR?

Yes, multiple users can operate on ATL HR. The number of users depend on your selected package.