Getting Started

Is there a setup fee?

This is a comprehensive cloud-based SaaS software for Bangladesh capable of carrying out all your HR and payroll processing functions at one place. To know more details please check the video below:

What are the features of this application?

The application includes a wide range of features including all requirements for full compliance of payroll activities and a vast number of value-added features designed to fulfil all your requirements. We are continuously adding new features to cater to your requirements.

For a full list of features currently available, please click the link below:

Features of ATL HR

What types of organization is this application suited to?

The software is suitable for all types of organization that requires HR & Payroll optimization. There are packages tailored for small and larger entities keeping in mind the specific requirements of each individual entity.

We already have an existing payroll system. Is the transition to ATL HR easy?

The transition from any existing system is very quick and easy thanks to our bulk upload feature. This allows quick set up of employees and their details. Employee Directory and manual pay run feature in pay run module makes the transition of current tax year data very convenient and hassle free.

We are not payroll experts. Will we be able to use the application?

This is an easy-to-use software with user friendly interface. Even without any prior knowledge of the application, new users can become quickly accustomed to working on this. We also have large collection of tutorial videos and materials that can assist new users and explain recently added features. Application is regularly updated to latest regulatory changes for users’ convenience.