In the era of talking fridges and virtual assistants, home automation is just the tip of the iceberg of what the right technology can achieve.

Over the last few years, AI and automation is integrating themselves into almost all aspects of human life at a dizzying pace. Aside from making one’s day-to-day life easier, however, automation has also dipped its invisible coded tendrils into businesses.

Starting anywhere from basic tasks all the way up to processes, technology is helping eliminate the mindless repetitive aspects of one’s job, allowing them to really apply themselves in the few things AI can’t replicate.

Hospitality, management and creativity.

All of which are integral parts of human resource management.

Managing human resources is a delicate act of juggling knives on a tightrope with circling sharks underneath. Making sure to handle annual, monthly and daily tasks requiring close attention to detail and handling the complicated situations that arrive when putting a group of people together is no easy task. And of all these streams of work involved in managing HR, HR personnel spend a whopping 40% of their time on administrative, manual HR tasks. A big portion of this consists of the entering and reentering of data

HRIS can help you with exactly that. Whether you’re a business owner trying to manage a group of twenty employees while growing your business or an HR manager trying to manage a corporation of one thousand, implementing HRIS software has countless benefits.

No more paperwork!

Most HRIS systems offer record management features that help bring all the physical paperwork to the digital world where we can no longer hurt trees.

Not only does this protect trees, but it streamlines processes to ensure that documents are stored in more centralized locations accessible to all the right people.

Gone are the days when employees have to set aside time to organize the mountain of documents and files that are sitting at the back of some closet gathering dust.

With a properly automated system, all of it is available, at the click of a button.

Automating the repetitive.

Why spend our precious, limited time on this planet, entering and reentering data, checking numbers for accuracy again and again, and inputting information in the same way for hours on end, when machines can do it for us?

With the right HR software, we can spend time on the things that really matter, leaving the shuffling of data to software that can optimize efficiency and eliminate errors.

Some such aspects of HR that can be handed off to HR & Payroll software is payroll & compliance. These tasks are delicate and require a lot of needless attention and time. All of which can be automated. If you’d like to know how ATL HR can do so, feel free to visit

Security & Accuracy.

Humans, however wonderful, come with a few vital flaws. One of which is a term coined specifically because of how much we mess up – human error.

These imperfections are what make us human. These errors can become quite costly for organizations. This can happen in terms of a slip-up in security – a file left around here and there – or accuracy – a zero off on someone’s salary.

But machines aren’t thinking of anything other than the task at hand. There is no emotion, no biases, no thoughts. It does only what it is built to do. And that is the exact candidate for jobs like this one. An example of such a candidate is yours truly; ATL HR!

Among its sea of various features, ATL HR offers secure document storage, compliance management with automatically generated regulatory reports and accurate payroll calculations with options to optimize tax and add limitless benefits!

Ease of use

Not only do HRIS software make things easier for management and HR personnel but also for the employees of that organization.

An adequate software would have to have systems allowing employees to manage their leave & attendance, have available access to their personal information as well as make documents/public information accessible.

An example may include ATL HR’s employee portal, granting employees access to their profiles where they can view their personal information, contact details, attendance, and manage their leave requests. Through this portal, employees also have the ability to access company and personal documents all stored and available at anytime from anywhere.

Businesses have to adapt to the ever-changing world and the most effective way to do this is by starting with implementing an HRIS system.

To assess if ATL HR is the right software for you, feel free to request a demo by clicking here.

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